People are encouraged to be responsible when travelling this weekend. Although travel restrictions have been eased it is still against the rules to stay overnight so camper van owners and campers should not be tempted to head away for the weekend.


Equally Peninsula Transport are asking those who live in the peninsula to stay local and resist the lure of beaches and beauty spots.


There have been reports over the last few days of beach and beauty spot car parks being full. People are then parking in lanes and village streets making it impossible for the emergency services to access and for key workers to park near their homes. Please wherever possible travel by foot or by bike. If you do use the car please only park where it is responsible to do so.


Remember, many facilities are not open including toilets and cafes and there are no lifeguards on the beaches. People need to be very careful on beaches this weekend as a combination of high winds and tides may cause a potentially dangerous swell.