Our transport strategy, set to be published later this year, prioritises improving our strategic road network to ensure consistent standards. This is vital in ensuring the region is better connected, while unlocking its potential for growth. The A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross upgrade is a prime example, as it will increase the resilience of the road network, unlock opportunities for economic growth and foster strategic connectivity by enhancing an arterial route in and out of Cornwall.

The project is set to upgrade 14km of single carriageway between the Chiverton Cross roundabout and the Carland Cross roundabout to a dual carriageway. The scheme, delivered by Costain, is vital to Cornwall, but the benefits will be felt right across the region. It will help to tackle longstanding bottlenecks and alleviate congestion, benefitting businesses, communities and visitors with improved reliability and reduced journey times.

Construction is nearing its final stages, and the road is set to open later this year, ahead of the summer holidays. Our Programme Director and Chief Officer recently visited the scheme, which provided Peninsula Transport with invaluable insights into how the National Highways team is progressing the works for this much anticipated project.

Recent project developments include the ongoing installation of Cornish hedges and the green bridge over the Marazanvose section of the upgrade, the third green bridge to be constructed on England’s Strategic Road Network. A new cycle bridge at Chiverton, part of a wider network of cycle lanes being delivered by Cornwall Council, will also allow for more sustainable journeys within the local area.

From COVID-19-related limitations during the initial breaking ground phases, through to recent challenges related to adverse weather, the team continues to respond swiftly, ensuring the project’s steady progress. The project has implemented several highly efficient traffic switches and continuously monitors traffic flows, adapting measures such as temporary traffic lights, to minimise disruption and maintain traffic flow. Through careful planning, both long-distance and local journeys have been maintained over the last four years throughout construction of this £330 million scheme.