Peninsula Rail Task Force

The Peninsula Rail Task Force (PRTF) is the strategic rail sub-group for Peninsula Transport. It makes recommendations to the Peninsula Transport Board on rail priorities for the peninsula through its own work with the rail industry.

PRTF was set up in 2013 following severe storms that damaged rail lines across the South West. Its inception saw local authorities across Cornwall, Devon, Plymouth, Somerset and Torbay come together, speaking with one voice, to make the case for investment into the rail network to improve resilience and deliver better services for rail customers.

PRTF is chaired by Cllr Jonathan Drean, Cabinet Member for Transport for Plymouth City Council and is supported by a rail officers group made up of representatives from each of the constituent local authorities.

In 2014, PRTF responded on behalf of communities and businesses across the South West following the line collapse at Dawlish and flooding across the Somerset levels. Representatives attended Transport Select Committees, pressing both the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Transport on the need to invest in making the Peninsula’s rail network more resilient in the face of more frequent extreme weather events.

PRTF was the catalyst for local authorities working in partnership on all strategic transport matters across the region and in 2018, Peninsula Transport was formed. In 2020, PRTF became the strategic rail sub group of Peninsula Transport. Joining the two groups enabled the five local transport authorities to be able to take a holistic approach to strategic transport decisions across the peninsula.

PRTF meets with the rail industry quarterly, feeds back to Peninsula Transport at Board meetings and has clear terms of reference.