Business plan 2022/2023

Our business plan for 2022/2023 sets out Peninsula Transport’s priorities for the year ahead. It details how we plan to find solutions to our transport challenges, boosting growth by working towards a clean transport network that is truly resilience, efficient, sustainable and puts the user at the heart of the journey. Alongside local authority contributions, the Department for Transport has provided funding worth £585,000 to support the work by Peninsula Transport in 2022/2023.

The priorities for the year ahead include:

  • Public transport – bus and rail: supporting local authorities and transport operators to create a more integrated and consistent public transport system
  • Decarbonisation: supporting local authorities in quantifying carbon impacts of schemes and working towards net zero
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure: ensuring the rollout of infrastructure can meet growing demand and all areas of the peninsula can benefits
  • Freight: supporting the delivery of the recently published South West Freight Strategy to create a more efficient and sustainable freight sector
  • Rural mobility: taking forward actions from our rural mobility strategy, which is currently underway, improving rural mobility for the communities that need it most
  • Local authority capability: providing access to the considerable evidence base developed by Peninsula Transport to support local transport plan development and other requirements

The business plan also summarises the committed work packages that are underway and being carried over into 2022/2023 for completion. These work packages are setting the groundwork for the future plans of Peninsula Transport. More information on the work packages currently underway can be found on our ‘technical work’ page.