Large local major schemes

Large local major schemes (LLM) schemes are worth over £50m. Three of these have also been submitted to the Department for Transport (DfT), these are: A38 Manadon Interchange, M5 jct 28 Cullompton and A39 Walton Ashcott Bypass. The A38 Manadon interchange has been given the green light by the DfT to move into co-development phase.


A38 Manadon interchange

Additional lanes on A38 off-slips on the A386 (flyover and NB) and on the A38 Parkway:

  • Reduces severe queuing on slips & overall junction capacity and improves access to the SRN;
  • Supports housing delivery of 26,000 homes in the Joint Local Plan, including 4,000 in Derriford / Northern Corridor and 3,800 in the City and Waterfront.


M5 jct 28 Cullompton

M5 Junction 28 is a single bridge motorway junction with a 6-arm roundabout to the west and a signalised junction to the east with poor pedestrian/cyclist crossing facilities. The junction is currently close to capacity in the peak periods and queuing can extend up to 500m in the morning. Queuing in the evening also occurs on the commuting traffic return journey to Cullompton. The queue occasionally extends back onto the mainline motorway which is a serious safety concern.

An improvement to the junction is required to mitigate the impacts of proposed development within the area as allocated in the Local Plan Review. This includes the first phase of the Culm Garden Village which will accommodate up to 5,000 new dwellings to the east of Cullompton, along with over 50,000m² employment floor space.

A39 Walton Ashcott Bypass

The scheme will mitigate congestion pinch-points on the A39 between Street and west of Ashcott village.  This is a narrow winding section of the A39 that goes through the villages of Walton and Ashcott and includes a difficult junction with the A361 to Taunton at The Pipers Inn.

The route carries a high proportion of HGV traffic as well as being the main vehicle route in an East – West direction across north Somerset linking with the M5. There is considerable variation in road standard along the route and the pinch-points are areas of weakness that do not meet the appropriate level for the MRN.