Economic Connectivity Review

The Economic Connectivity Review is a major component of our transport strategy for the region. There are two versions of the report: summary and the full technical report. This work was shaped by comments and responses from the Transport Forum.

The study highlights the importance of our strategic connections – those in and out of our peninsula – in bringing people together, facilitating trade and supporting clean growth in our economy. It also analyses current and future economic activity in the peninsula in relation to transport.

Key risks of not doing anything:

  • Our precious and outstanding environment will be degraded by traffic congestion and noise
  • If we don’t accelerate the change towards less polluting travel, the decline in our CO2 emissions will level out as efficiency improvements are offset by increased transport demand
  • Our places could become increasingly dominated by traffic, compromising our local quality of life and impacting on local businesses

In order to ensure that our transport network is fit for the future, the study identified five key themes on how we get there: