Councillor Andrea Davis, Peninsula Rail Task Force (PRTF) spokesperson and Chairman of Peninsula Transport said: “The Peninsula Rail Task Force welcomes a further £32 million from the Department for Transport to install new netting and fencing along the Dawlish rail link. 

“Network resilience is our top priority and investment into climate resilient transport infrastructure is fundamental to reliable and safe travel in the South West. The line at Dawlish is a crucial link between the peninsula and the rest of the UK and it is essential that the rail line remains open to protect our economy and communities.

“We are pleased to see continued investment into the Network Rail’s South West Rail Resilience Programme at Dawlish. Completion of all phases of this programme will ensure the long-term resilience of the line, which is vital to the economic success of the region. Our ambition has always been to improve resilience and deliver better rail services and the PRTF looks forward to working with government to build upon efforts to level up the region.”