Peninsula Transport Strategy: Consultation Space

Our consultation on the draft Peninsula Transport Strategy has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate. We are now analysing the data received to help us shape the final strategy. We will continue to update our website as it progresses. You can still access the consultation space below for information purposes.

The Peninsula Transport region is an amazing place to live, work and visit with considerable diversity from large towns and cities to market towns, villages and very rural locations.

Good transport connections are vital for a vibrant community and continued growth – the Peninsula Transport Strategy sets out our ambition to improve our transport system for everyone.

The strategy will be used to guide regional transport investment decisions and will be the foundation of an investment plan set to transform transport for the peninsula by 2050 and beyond.

By 2030 the desired outcomes are:

  • Easier journeys: integrating walking and wheeling with the bus and rail network, to make getting around without a car easy.
  • Going electric: affordable zero-emission transport through a reliable electric vehicle charging network.
  • A connected peninsula: safe, reliable and resilient road and rail travel within the peninsula and beyond.

These outcomes will ultimately lead to the key objective of:

  • Completing the network: improved connections within a growing and fully integrated transport network on a path to net zero.

Evidence base

In 2021, we consulted on and finalised our vision, which also set out a series of high-level goals for the STB to take forward. Since then, we have produced our comprehensive evidence base to create a strong understanding of how the peninsula works and what will bring the biggest benefits to the region. The recommendations and priorities identified in individual pieces of technical work were brought together to define the four key outcomes in the draft strategy and develop a route map to achieving a better strategic transport network.

If you have a query relating to the transport strategy or require any further assistance or alternative versions, please get in touch: