Technical work

To ensure that our full transport strategy is robust and well informed, we have commissioned a range of technical studies with support from the Department for Transport (DfT). Completion of these studies is dependent on funding and kept under review.

We will feed the evidence generated from our studies into the thematic work areas going forward, as well as forming the basis for the transport strategy, strategic implementation plan and representing the needs of the peninsula.




Economic Connectivity Review

This study highlights the importance of our strategic connections – those in and out of our peninsula – in bringing people together, facilitating trade and supporting clean growth in our economy. It also analyses current and future economic activity in the peninsula in relation to transport.           

Strategic Economic Corridor Study

Building on the work undertaken in our Economic Connectivity Study, this is a more detailed examination of the function and operation of the most important transport corridors in the region.   

South West Freight Strategy

The strategy sets a pathway to a more efficient and sustainable freight sector, looking at various challenges to the freight network and setting out a number of proposed solutions across all modes and key themes. 

South West Rural Mobility Strategy

This study focuses on rural mobility needs in the peninsula: considering access to services, jobs and education using active travel and public transport and planning to ensure equality and inclusion.

Carbon Transition Strategy

Assessment of scenarios for transitioning to low carbon and net zero mobility futures including a phased plan outlining the steps required to achieve transition.     

Technology and Electric Vehicle Strategy     

Strategy for integration of technologies including public transport, Intelligent Traffic Control, and new mobility opportunities, such as connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs).

Rail Strategy

Building on the Peninsula Rail Task Force’s 20-year plan this is an in-depth examination of specific travel corridors, working with strategic partners including Network Rail and Western Gateway, to identify recommended interventions on the rail network.

International Gateway Study       

This study focuses on existing and likely future transport considerations for accessing ports and airports across the peninsula.

The DfT programme funding support and how we work with other organisations is set out in our DfT programme funding support diagram.