Peninsula Transport launches its vision for the future of transport across the South West

Peninsula Transport has launched its vision for the future of transport across the South West, as part of its work in developing a full regional transport strategy.

Chair of Peninsula Transport, Councillor Andrea Davis said: “The vision and goals are an important milestone in our work as they will help set the overall direction and principles of our longer term plan to transform transport within the region over the next thirty years.

“Our vision is to enhance our transport system. We want more efficient, resilient and cleaner transport that can help make the peninsula even better. With climate change and decarbonisation at the forefront of our agenda, it’s important that transport is fit for the future. In addition, the global impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way we travel, it has also changed our perspective on when, where and how we travel. There is a real opportunity to build back better with our long term plan for transport and meet transport the needs of our region.

“I urge everyone within the South West to get involved and have your say on the report. Your thoughts are important at this early stage, as contributions will help us understand the transport needs of those living, working and travelling within the peninsula. We need to know if you share our vision, goals and ultimately if we are moving in the right direction.

“The key challenge for the Peninsula is to strengthen strategic links to keep pace with the rest of the UK, reinforcing connectivity and maximising opportunities to boost productivity. Transport is a vital part of every day life and therefore a transport strategy needs to be bold and ambitious, delivering a transport system that that works for people, businesses and the environment.

“We have been working tirelessly to get to this point but there is still a lot more work to be done. As well as our consultation, we have a number of supporting studies either underway or planned to underpin our transport strategy and we are working closely with stakeholders, our neighbouring STB and Department for Transport to ensure that our plans are coordinated and focused. Our full transport strategy will be published next year.”

The consultation will be open until 17 September 2021. The vision report can be downloaded from the website Feedback can be submitted through the online survey, which can be found at

Peninsula Transport is the shadow sub-national transport body formed by the five lead transport authorities in the South West peninsula – Cornwall Council, Devon County Council, Plymouth City Council, Somerset County Council and Torbay Council.