Economic connectivity review

One of the key pieces of work the Peninsula Transport Board is commissioning is an Economic Connectivity Review which will be conducted alongside the work to bring forward the Major Road Network schemes. 

The Economic Connectivity Review is the first major component of our transport strategy for the region.

It will analyse current and future economic activity in the Peninsula and its connections to major centres beyond the Peninsula in the Western Gateway area. The review will identify the economic outcomes of transport in the Peninsula and suggest an approach to understanding where investment in transport infrastructure may yield the greatest benefits.

Areas that will be covered by the study include economic hubs and industrial clusters, high-value industries, connectivity needs and challenges, the shape of labour markets, international gateways and transport corridors within the Peninsula, connectivity with Western Gateway and regional scenarios for growth

The review is being undertaken by AECOM and will be shaped by comments and responses from the Transport Forum, organisations and individuals across the Peninsula.